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okra blossom

trying to finally get things going

Posted by monkeyarcher on 2007.03.10 at 17:03
Current Mood: crankycranky
I have been working too much lately, but I finally have had time to work in the garden. Since I am not getting the early start I wanted on seedlings, I am springing for plants to just plop into the dirt.

Got a nice variety of tomatoes and peppers, and the eggplants were succussfully transplanted. I also found some zucchini to plant, so this is good.
So why can't I find corn or okra? Okay, I can kinda see okra not being popular enough to warrant 6-packs, and I do have my seeds sitting here to plant. But why no corn? I have seeds and I could plant those also, but I was not wanting to dig them out from last years seeds. And I don't know how well they hold up after a year. The tomatoes peppers and such, no prob, but corn seems to have a shorter shelf life. I don't wanna buy new seeds, I just wanted to plant some pants, darn it!
Same thing with the herbs. Can't find fennel, dill or cinnimon basil, I know that the last one sounds like it might be a little too specialty-like, but it has always been easy to find inthe past. And it is a great southwest basil. And the nursuries are acting like I am asking for something exotic that they have never seen before (one clerk stated taht she wasn't sure he had ever seen it), which is annoying since I know that I have seen it at these places last year. So again I need to dig out my seeds.

These are little things. It would have been better to start my seeds like I wanted to in february. I know this. But I really didn't think I would have this much trouble finding these darn plants.

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