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waving monkey
Posted by monkeyarcher on 2007.02.21 at 19:54
I am sorry about the silence.
I really haven't abandoned this community, but have been stuck at work doing oodles of over-time. I barely have had any time to think about my garden, let alone actually work in it or do any meaningful cooking.

I have discovered that the garden devastation wasn't as total as I believed. Eggplants coming back from the roots. Anyone know the best way to transplant these puppies, because I really need them in a different part of the new garden area.
Some of the peppers are coming back and the hyacinth bean survived. and a nice number of the herbs are still going fairly strong, including the epazote.

Time should become my friend again soon (although I have said that before), and things will return to normal around here.
If anyone has goodies to share, please feel free, and I thank everyone for their patience.

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