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waving monkey

early planning

Posted by monkeyarcher on 2007.02.04 at 14:35
so, pretty much everything in the back yard is dead. Well, the trees seem to be doing alright (although the citrus looks exceptionally sad this year) and the artichoke and two eggplants seem to be hanging in there. But that is it.
So, I need to start thinking about what to grow this year. And plan a little better. especially since I now know that tomatoes will grow regardless of how old the seeds are, so don't over plant with thoughts of seed failure.

so, any suggestions of what to grow and why?
I am already thinking okra, peppers/chilis, some tomatoes and squash. oh, and some cucumbers, especially these red ones I got seeds for. But I haven't quite worked out the numbers or types of these yet. And I know I should maybe plant other things also, but I don't know what.

and anyone know any good vegatables that are pretty enough to plant out front? I have some replanting to do out there also.

(ack...I just realized that I probably missed out on getting some saffron crocus again this year. argh. this makes too many years in a row. I want those crocuseseses again darn it.)

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